Giving Examples is the Main Step in Writing an Illustration Essay

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Giving Examples is the Main Step in Writing an Illustration Essay

Make Your Illustration Essay More Appealing by Using Interesting Examples

In illustration essay students usually illustrate something. It is very interesting and exciting to write this kind of research paper . However, before you start writing think of the idea you want to share with the readers. Try to find a good research paper topic . Think what is interesting to you and what topic can catch readers attention. Think what theme is close to you and if you can handle it. Remember that in your essay you should give good examples that would be representative and will uncover your major theme.

Choose the topic that has the sufficient amount of information. If you have selected the topic then start to study it. Go to the library; look for information in the internet; ask your instructor to give you books necessary for your illustration essay. If you have all necessary information, make an outline. If you want to write a five- paragraph essay then use one paragraph for the introduction. Then goes the main body that includes three paragraphs and the last paragraph will be the conclusion. Make sure there is logical transition from one paragraph to the other. In the introduction give some general statements to the topic and brief outline of the next paragraphs.

Remember that in the main body you should provide statements with vivid examples. Take into consideration that there are three types of illustrations. The first type is a specific illustration. Here you give examples from your own experience. For example, you should write about the health way of life. So here you can provide your own examples of the special diet or physical exercises that you did or still do. The second type is typical examples. Here you should write generic illustrations that might be appropriate to each reader.

Finally, the third type of illustration is hypothetical samples. Here you should illustrate an invented sample. For example, your theme is Human Diseases, so, here you should provide the readers with the examples of conditions under which different diseases might take place. So as you see illustration essay either describes some situation or explains its conditions and consequences. Think also, where it is better to give brief examples or the extended type of pattern.

Make sure your examples are really connected with the main topic of your dissertation. Try to use some unique and new examples that are unknown to the readers. It may draw readers attention.

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